Friday, February 19, 2010

Toyko Show

Just like Alphaville - Icon is big in Japan. In fact we were gonna do an artsy 80's video to prove it, but um... we didn't. We did take some photos from the last Toyko show though. The next show is coming up - March 26-28 - if you're in Toyko stop by the booth an say Konnichiwa.

The wife of an Icon team rider - lucky bastard

two-up on a fightered CBR ...we likey


  1. I'm an industrial design student and was wondering how does one go about getting a job for Icon designing helmets or job in that field in general? Any info would be great.

  2. There are not many designers making a living in the motorcycle helmet/gear industry. Worldwide...maybe 100. But if you have the skills and heart it can be done - our advice is as follows;

    1. Finish at the top of your design class (BA or BFA). Anything less than first place is useless. Professional design is a cut throat environment - only the best make it...

    2. Put together a visually/mentally stunning portfolio. A portfolio that showcases your creativity, intelligence, knowledge of motorcycling, and visual abilities.

    3. Allow design and motorcycling to consume your entire life forsaking money, family, fame, or sleep. Accept that this total immersion will be your lifestyle for the next 10 years.

    4. Finally, send your best shot to the companies to which you aspire. Don't worry about 'Job Openings' - if your work is stellar they will find room for you.

  3. Thanks for replying and the info sirs. Much appreciated.


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