Sunday, February 14, 2010

Mr. Duc and Ms. Gixx

Meet Mr.Duc and Ms.Gixx,
Ms.Gixx is awfully cute in her white Airframe...she’s left the sideplate tags on to represent it’s freshness. And all that white flaunts her angelic purity while hiding her sadistic lust. Mr.Duc is a tortured soul, spending the days whittling away at discarded scrap iron, fashioning it into sharply pointed spikes. Drilling into his Italian steed, piercing it again and again in the name of masochistic fashion until bike night judges finally declare him to be ‘mod’est of them all. Together they make a perfect couple, her white purity and his pointy sharpness, riding together forever, true love.

Anyone that spends this much time destroying any part of a Ducati gets a thumbs up from us. We hope the ride height is jacked up on this and the sag has been properly set.

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