Friday, October 29, 2010

Achtung Baby!

You know what Falco said about Munich girls, right? No? Well no matter because Mai-Lin isn't from Munich, or any other part of Bavaria for that matter. Nope, she's a northern girl. Northern as in Hamburg, Germany. A dreary port town with little in the way of sunshine or fun. Except for the following article - which is all about the motorcycle 'Fun Faktor' (which literally translates to Fun Factor.) Straight from the pages of Motorrad magazine, the Fun Faktor pits Icon team rider Mai-Lin as the lone stuntpilotin competing against four very serious looking German riders. In other words she is the Farfegnugen to their zeitgeist. Truthfully we have almost no idea what this article actually says...namely because we didn't pay very much attention in German class. Sorry Herr Gerstenslager, you were right, we will actually need to sprechen sie Deutsch as adults. 

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