Tuesday, October 26, 2010


For the three brave Icon representatives from Portland, Oregon it was just another day colored by jet lag and whiskey hangovers. Our souls were still days behind us, caught in the ethereal void somewhere above the North Atlantic. We were behind enemy lines once again. It wasn't the first time mind you. Not so long ago Team Icon slipped onto the floor of our domestic tradeshow to do battle with established intellengencia. The nay-sayers and roadblocks. The waterproofed minions in their drab black garb. We were disgruntled riders in our own land. It was no wonder that our dissatisfaction quickly turned into an armed resistance.  Now we entered a new theatre, not as underdogs, but as formally trained statesmen with a well known penchant for the gutter lane. "It can't be helped" we thought aloud, as we stumbled from the darkened Kolsch Cantina. We were ready to commence Operation Overlord and the mission is good. 

 Icon exposes itself on the main floor - luckily in Germany this is not a crime

So that's how it is - Well played, Pirelli. Apparently in Europe the gloves, as well as the tops, are off. Icon will do great things here me thinks...

Modern Cologne is relatively new city...

as a result of Allied Force's urban planning division - thankfully the Koln Cathedral was spared 

The Koln Cathedral today - The Metal God approves

There can be no doubt, we are in Germany - dance puppet dance

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