Monday, November 29, 2010

Nick 'Apex' Brocha FAQs

Nick 'Apex' Brocha hails from the great Pacific Northwest. His background is a mixed bag of action sport action. When not on the road you can find him relaxing in various parking lots throughout the greater Las Vegas metropolitan area. He loves Vegas and often talks about the cities unique charm and wholesome family environment. We (virtually) sat down with Nick to discuss various topics related to his life. 

Q: What was your first BMX bike and how old were you when you first bunnyhopped another person?
A: 1982 Mongoose Supergoose. I never made it over anyone but I busted my lip on my neighbors mint Stingray Corvette. It looked better with that bar gouge.

Q: Riding styles are often compared to the moustache - are you a FuManChu, Pencil Thin, or Ridiculous Hipster?
A: Potentail Kung Fu Master, potential Douche bag, or Douche Bag. Is that a real question?

Q: Knife to a fist fight or Gun to a knife fight?
A: I don't own a gun but I've been known to impale my foot with a butterfly knife.

Q: Favorite Elvis song (other than 'In The Ghetto') and why?
A: I'm not a huge Elvis fan but I'm a huge Little Richard fan. Elvis did his own “Long Tall Sally”, it's far from Richards, but it's the lesser of all evils. In fact it's terrible, Elvis's version.

Q: You were previously known as 'Otter Pop' during your pro snowboard career, why?
A: I could only afford Saltines and Otter Pop's during those great years. Many years later, nothings changed except what I ride.

Q: You have amazing balance - do you partake in dance or martial arts to enhance your skills?
A: I partake in lap dances while heavily inebriated at Diablos. That takes an awful lot of balance of holding ones food down and a Kung Fu grip on ones cash. Thieving dumpster diving strippers!

Q: Icon builds a lot of custom bikes from every genre - does it make you interested in building your own non-stuntbike custom?
A: Yeah, you bastards are completely responsible for hours of lost time hunting Craigslist. I forgot to add that stipulation in my 2011 riders contract for an Icon Sportster. Too late to revise!?

Q: How long have you been riding with teammate Ernie Vigil?
A: He's been there from the beginning of my freestyle days so over 5 years. 5 years for the rise of the gypsies!

Q: Your bikes are generally beat to within inches of scrap - how much time do you spend wrenching on them each week?
A: I'm always hunting for that last inch! I still crash a lot but I've learned to save the bike. I only need to put in about 6 hours a week plugging holes these days.

Q: Rumor has it you have a few supporting actor roles in Porno's in your past - confirm or deny?
A: That's what happens when you let Matt Lippincott use a search engine.

Q: Kawasaki has taken over the street riding scene - why?
A: They were the first manufacturer to capitalize on the growing lifestyle market. That and what I consider the 600/1000 glory years, 2003-2005.


  1. Bravo Nick. Your wit and charm shows through this fantastic interview. BTW – Who composed these questions? Did Icon hire Terry Gross? Absolutely enthralling. And I take back the youtube comment about punching you in the balls for what you did to Thad’s Speedpimple. It was the ravings of a three day whiskey drunk. Apologies my good man.

  2. Otter Pop? You should have been called free ketchup packets and peppermint candies...


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