Saturday, December 4, 2010

Busted & Broken - Guardrail

Dear Icon,

I want to thank you guys for making great looking gear that has just as much functionality as it does design. On Memorial Day weekend 2010, a small group of friends and I were going for a beautiful cruise through the Crest Highway which runs through the Los Angeles National Forest. We started heading through until a "Road Closed" sign about 30 minutes in. With no other option we had to turn around and head back through a detour. On the way back, my bike hit some loose gravel on a wide sweeping left turn. I went down and rolled a couple times then slid about 20 feet. My bike slammed into the guardrail and was totaled, however I was fortunate to get back up with only cuts and scrapes on both legs. The ONLY place on my body I didn't have on any Icon gear! My Alliance SSR helmet, ARC jacket, Sub Operator gloves, and Tarmac boots left those parts of my body unscathed and they all held up great to the road rash. You guys sure saved me a lot of potential pain. Thanks Icon! You guys got a fan for life.

-Kevin M.

1 comment:

  1. Good motivation to buy a set of kevlar/aramid jeans. They are certainly cheaper than skin grafts.


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