Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Justify My Love

The Magnificent Bastard went under the knife last weekend. New F4i rear suspension, increased ride height, rebuilt forks, and new Avon rubber got her back into sporting form. Then it was on to the much anticipated cosmetic work. It's always fun mounting up new fiberglass on older sportbikes - so immediately gratifying. We've been using Airtech for all our old school plastic needs for well over a decade. They make quality glass with more fitment options than you could use in a lifetime. If that's not enough, their website features tons of hot 80's chicks modeling the retro kit. It's always amazing how radically different a few hunderd dollars of plastics can make a motorcycle look. Of course the Magnificent Bastard is a long way from completion, but as they say, the first cut is the deepest.

The end goal - incredible 80's hotness - because chicks dig V-Fours...

...and endurance racers

Airetch GSXR Yosh Tornado tail section - $250 worth of awesome

Reglassing the tail to shape it to the VF subframe

Crude photochopping for concept validation - she's gonna be magnificent

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