Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Dance Commander

Icon's pristine 1990 Suzuki GSXR750, in all her Hypersport beauty. Sex executed in plastic and aluminum. Her multi-tone blue and white paint as clean and purposeful as a razor. Twenty years on, and now dressed in 750RR plastics, she is still every bit as stunning. 

The actual GSX-R750RR was fitted with a dry clutch, braced swingarm, and long stroke motor - only 500 were produced

The RR plastics have a slightly slanted nose with more recessed headlights - side panel venting is also different

We are suckers for solo race tail sections - the RR tail fits the stock GSXR subframe quite well with only a little modification needed to reinforce the seat pan

Purchased for $2000

Fitting the new plastics

Ernie Vigil performed the christening burnout in a North Vegas parking lot - period correct headlights & vintage Suzuki jacket


  1. You lucky lucky bunch of people who make nice things. I have had this bike on my wish list for years and have now accepted ill never have one. Well jealous :-))))

  2. Old Sportbikes never die, they just get better with age. I am convinced that this will be the next category that Barrett-Jackson will ruin.

  3. suzuki gsxr 750 rk (1989)
    or gsxr 750 rr
    came without dry clutch
    only 86 limited edition model has

  4. which gsxr did you start with, the 'K'? did you fit a 5.5" rear, or are my eye deceiving me?


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