Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Past Glory

Little to nothing has been made of the great flight of the Snakecharmer. It was an unkind ride aboard a vicious stink-wheeled ankle biter. The premix only beast was angry that day and someone had to pay the price. Luckily we have sacrificial stunt riders, such as Nick Brocha, who are willing ride any foul build we can summon. Leaking prodigious amounts of fuel directly onto it's twin plugged head, we sent Nick out to engage the gravel yard on it's own terms. The gravel yard won. To add insult to injury we were recently contacted by the EPA in regards to our 'careless use of petrochemical solutions'. Apparently they saw our video. But 'Careless Use'? We would much prefer the term 'Flamboyant'. Somehow it just seems more appropriate. Anyways, we acknowledged the EPA's disapproval of our two-stroke lifestyle by switching all future Icon custom bikes to the electric variety. Seriously.

Starting the Charmer is a three person operation - one to apply flailing kicks, one to work the fire extinguisher, one to shake head in disapproval

Britton, moments before upchucking his diet Mug rootbeer and Snickers lunch - riding in the gravel yard can bring even the strongest to their knees

Nick Apex giving the Snakecharmer the ol' dirty bird...

...and the dusty trombone

Builders Note : Channeling your Airtech universal Bimota tail will make your ass appear really, really big

Content is the face of a man who's been Snakecharmed

Pure hipster horseshit

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