Friday, December 10, 2010

Sadie x ChopperDavePhotography x Icon

Icon: So Sadie, how long have you been wearing full-face helmets?
Sadie: Most of my adult life really - I mean if you're gonna wear a helmet at all why would you take the chance of grinding off your chin or nose? Not me - I ride too fast. And besides, I'm far too pretty to take a chance with this magic [Sadie's hands vogue around open eyeport]

Icon: So you're truly a believer in the "Live Fast, Die Pretty" moniker? We got in a lot of trouble for that graphic you know...
Sadie: Oh yeah - I'm not sure about the Live Fast part, but Die Pretty was gonna be the name of my second band. Weird co-inky- dink. Why would you get in trouble for that graphic? It's a joke, right? Unless you really meant it in which case you guys are sick. 

Icon: No, we meant it as a bit of dark humor, unfortunately a number of people failed to find it funny. They threatened us with a nationwide boycott - not unlike the naval blockade of Cuba I suppose.
Sadie: Hmmm, I don't think you guys are nearly as famous as Cuba. You shouldn't flatter yourself like that. Anyways, the graphic is funny and cute and I get the humor so that's all that really matters. Can I keep this helmet? I already licked the inside of the mouthpiece so that pretty much makes it mine.

Icon: Ummm, yeah ok, but it's not actually our helmet. But sure, you can have it. 
Sadie: Awesome! Hey, do you follow tweets? You should follow me @sadiecrazybabe – It’s totally a good time. 


  1. Stay tuned next week when we interview Sadie about Icon gloves while riding a Teeter-Totter

  2. Yes - we took down the final image. Let's just say some of our more 'corporate partners' questioned the sans-pantalones pics. Being the season of good cheer we obliged their request. BUT - If you are curious and must see how Sadie really swings, drop Chopper Dave a request at his blog - I'm sure he has some Christmas cheer he can post


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