Thursday, December 9, 2010

Overlord v Tron

We're getting pretty tired of all this Tron talk. Tron can throw a laser frisbee. Tron can battle grid spiders. Tron can ride a light cycle. Yeah, but can Tron do a triple digit stand-up whilst simultaneously posting a twitter update about said stand-up? I didn't think so. Icon may not have a 300 million dollar budget, light cycles, or ultra-hot cyber chicks, but we do have access to the color light blue. And computers. And hella technical motorcycle jackets. Combine all these things and you've got a worthy digital adversary to the almighty Tron. We call our program Overlord. In fact we're pretty sure Overlord would beat Tron's ass in a game of light cycle or laser tag. Peww-Peww. 

The Overlord rules the light cycle arena aboard his '03 R1 

Can someone ask Tron to do something about the Icon office internet speed - it is sloooowwwww


  1. I'd love to see a cross between the Overlord Prime and the Contra Jacket (for women). The minimalist colors on the Contra Jacket with the rest being black is pretty Tron-esque, except that it's designed for the ladies (which doesn't help me much).

    In a perfect world, Icon would make a male leather jacket that looked like the female Contra Jacket, but also actually lit up (ala Tron) for better night visibility.

  2. We were working just that very something, but it got a little sideways on us (note to self - do not listen the Dwight Yoakam while designing jackets)

  3. Redford would have been well-served by fiber optics.

  4. The all new Overlord Jackets (Textile, Leather and Overlord Prime) are by far Icons best sportbike jacket to date. There has been a great improvement in the cut of the jacket over the previous Icon sportbike style jackets. The Fit and Finish of the jackets are top quality. The all new Overlord jackets have been a very good seller for us.

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