Saturday, June 19, 2010

Busted and Broken - Lane Changer

Saturday March 13, 2010 My husband and I were out enjoying the weather since it had rained the 3 previous weekends. While riding side by side in the far right lane a SUV decides to pull out as soon as we approached. My husband veered to the left and I attempted to do the same, however the next thing I recall is flying in the air and hoping that it would all be over soon. After several flips on the asphalt I came to a rest and immediately noticed I had no feeling in my left knee. I ended up taking a field trip to the trauma center where I learned, to the amazement of all the doctors, all I ended with was a sprained knee. My ICON jacket & gloves were to thank!!! As a new lady rider I have truly been convinced of the importance of proper riding gear. From here on out I will remain dedicated to ICON.

Tawyna R

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