Monday, June 14, 2010

Concept & Execution - Vegas Cup


Rebecca has lived a charmed life. Born to aristocratic parents in the former West Germany she was introduced to motorsports at an early age. Her father, an accomplished but largely unknown automobile racer, provided world renowned driving coach’s for Rebecca in hopes of producing the worlds first female F1 driver. Rebecca had other ideas. Perhaps it was the speed induced endorphin rushes at an early age. Perhaps it was the rigid society rules. Whatever the reason, Rebecca turned wild. This inherent recklessness combined with a lust for speed led her into the world of motorcycles - much to her father’s dismay. Largely self taught, she excelled in amateur road racing events throughout Europe. Yet with all her talent, all her drive, she failed to gain entrance into the male dominated MotoGP. And then there were the drugs. She loved ‘speed’ in more ways than one. Her penchant for narcotics started like most, in her teen years. Rebecca was able to keep the addiction under some amount of control. Unfortunately a large trust fund, a rebellious attitude, and a chip on the shoulder rarely combine into good results. Such has been the case with Rebecca. Banned from organized competition for numerous infractions, she has found refuge in the seedy underbelly of outlaw street racing. Like many competitors in such events the actual purse amount is irrelevant to Rebecca. She rides solely for the thrill.



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