Monday, June 14, 2010

Concept & Execution - Vegas Cup


The Speedfreak’s registration for the Vegas Outlaw Cup was bound to happen. The sight of his name in the books has a tendency to bring his competitors insecurities to the surface. Accusations fly that the race had been carelessly advertised, as if something like this could be kept quiet. The more disciplined competitors put him out of mind. The weaker ones, upon learning of his entrance, have already lost. While his back story is murky, the most common rumor is that he was an experimental pilot in the US Air Force. Not the best of the best, but still well above the curve in proficiency. This better than average, but expendable, status put him on the top of a very short list within the CIA for a top-secret bionic implant aviation program. The offer intrigued and flattered him. He believed that in joining the CIA he would become the future of combat aviation. Each time that Kyle underwent the knife he was both enhanced and reduced. Flesh was removed to accommodate the plastics and alloys. The butchering continued for two painful years but showed no significant achievement. Unfortunately for Kyle, the advent of non-piloted drone technology showed overwhelming potential. The CIA’s covert cyborg pilot program was discarded and forgotten, as was Kyle. The prototype implants were removed leaving horrific physical and unforeseen mental scarring. Several years later the Speedfreak emerged on the underground outlaw racing scene. He remains outside the community of contestants, hovering like a phantom. The Speedfreak is feared and respected, but in the way that one would fear and respect the ghost in the basement. Don’t mess with it, and hopefully it will be content to carry on with it’s purpose, which is known only to him.



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