Monday, June 14, 2010

Concept & Execution - Vegas Cup


Of all the teams competing in this years Vegas Outlaw Cup, Team Retro is the sentimental crowd favorite. Kelly has been in this game for many years and has taken more than his share of victories. He’s seen riders come and go. Watched as bikes became faster, stronger, and lighter. Witnessed the logarithmic growth of technology and its’ resulting spike on the dyno chart. Yet the steed he chooses, a 1990 GSXR750R - the special Canadian homologation version, remains his bike of choice. Though a technological marvel in its day, by modern standards it remains seriously down on power. The bike is grotesquely obese, possesing questionable aerodynamics at best. As if the air in the early 90’s was somehow thicker - requiring more of a blunt hammer shape to beat it into submission. A bike built for a different era - the first generation ‘Hyper’ bike. “Racing is more than just brute horsepower” Kelly states when questioned about his bike. “It involves a certain mechanized soul that can’t be documented on a dyno. The bike - the rider, when they’re in sync, when they’re both running at optimal levels, that’s a thing of beauty. Give me a bike that has the slightest ability to win, and I’ll put it on the podium every time.” And so it is with his beloved GSXR-R. A proven dinosaur from the days of American GP dominance. It’s a bike with a history and a soul. And when ridden well, with the craftiness and cunning of a seasoned vet, it stands more than an outside chance of taking the checkers.



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