Monday, June 14, 2010

Concept & Execution - Vegas Cup


She was built for straight line speed. Not the effortless speed so common in modern Japanese machinery, but the kind of speed that would exact a horrific price. Fast like the Millenium Falcon. Fast like a Stuka dive bomber. World record velocity or a flaming steel carnage. She was an all or nothing machine and he liked it that way. Polarization, Lance thought, was the absolute law of the universe. God’s true and most singularly important law. Either on or off, is or is not - Newton would understand this even if no else did. Of course polarization is not a theory he would ever discuss with AlurĂ©. She believed in very few things, God the least of all. She was mechanical in both profession and emotion. With a wrench in her hands, manicure obliterated by grease, she was perfection. Her mind and hands synchronized flawlessly - caressing the motorcycle to life. Without the wrench she became something quite different. A boutique humanoid inflatable - so devoid of personality or feeling that one could almost imagine an air nipple to be located in the small of her back. ‘She too was the epitome of polarization - on or off - singular perfection’, Lance reflected over a long drag from his hand rolled cigarette. No matter, these were thoughts for another day, right now there was jetting to adjust and clutch baskets to rebuild. She would fix it and he would ride it - that was the agreement. And God or no God - the green flag would drop - and Death or Glory would get a chance to live up to it’s name.



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